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Imagine an education in personal finance blended perfectly with entertainment. Imagine an art form once reviled for the negative, being used to build character and financial intelligence. Imagine no more, The Financial Literacy Music Curriculum is here. For more than 30 years, hip-hop has been a powerful voice that has told the story of current events. Inspired by an era of new leadership and change; hip-hop will go beyond simply telling the story; it will help offer solutions. Our written course and musical album combine to transform the process of becoming financially literate into a hip and edu-taining process. Every generation will be financially literate. Never again will we be caught off guard. Never again will we not understand.


This is the Financial Literacy Music theme song that explains what our organization is all about. It represents the level of skill presented throughout the musical portion of the curriculum. Download this song FREE and share it with everyone you know. All of our music is safe for the whole family and funky enough for the whole world.

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"The absolute coolest teacher I've ever had. I never even cared about this stuff until now. I feel much better prepared to handle my finances. He made it fun. What's funny is, I'm confident I know more than my parents about this stuff"


High School Student

"At first I thought this [product] was for young people, but after going through the course, I now tell everybody I know about the website. I wish something like this existed when I was a kid, but I'm making the most of the information now. I've completed the program, but I still listen to it on the road just for entertainment. I'd recommend it to anyone"


Truck Driver

"It's definitely funky; never in a million years did I imagine that I could jam to a song on budgeting. I always knew getting informed on my personal finances was important, but I put it off because it's normally just too boring. But I have to admit, Financial Literacy Music is tight, these [people] really pulled it off."


College Student

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