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Johnny is the author of Financial Literacy Music The Written Curriculum a comprehensive financial literacy course that has over 190 learning objectives and 17 knowledge assessments with over 260 questions. Readers come away with a solid understanding of several sound financial principles. Topics covered include: investment planning, spending plans, credit building techniques, tax planning, debt management techniques, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning, information on purchasing a home and much more. The written course covers every topic of the album in much greater detail as well as information not included on the album. The course is thoughtfully written to keep the subject matter both interesting and edu-taining. The book/workbook combination can be used alone or in conjunction with the album. It includes a pre-work lesson written at the middle school education level to bring all readers up to a basic level of understanding. After the pre-work, the course materials are generally understood by those with an 8th grade education level or higher.


Prior to writing for Financial Literacy Music Online Magazine, Johnny won the prestigious Olin Cup. The Olin Cup is awarded annually to the business plan writer with the most viable and well presented business idea. This highly competitive event is held at one of the top schools in the country, Washington University in St. Louis. It includes business men and women as well as Washington University alumni. The competition is used to promote the creation of new ventures; winners are awarded investment capital to help fund their businesses.


"The absolute coolest teacher I've ever had. I never even cared about this stuff until now. I feel much better prepared to handle my finances. He made it fun. What's funny is, I'm confident I know more than my parents about this stuff"


High School Student

"At first I thought this [product] was for young people, but after going through the course, I now tell everybody I know about the website. I wish something like this existed when I was a kid, but I'm making the most of the information now. I've completed the program, but I still listen to it on the road just for entertainment. I'd recommend it to anyone"


Truck Driver

"It's definitely funky; never in a million years did I imagine that I could jam to a song on budgeting. I always knew getting informed on my personal finances was important, but I put it off because it's normally just too boring. But I have to admit, Financial Literacy Music is tight, these [people] really pulled it off."


College Student

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